Euphoric Recall

I am 26 year old self taught artist.

I pride myself on my honesty, so here goes. Four years ago, I was at rock bottom. I drank alcohol every day, I was regularly self harming and my mental health was at its worst. I was under community mental health teams, being cared for by my family and friends and couldn't see a way out. Three years ago, I went to rehab and started the long hard road to recovery. I've come further than I ever imagined possible and I'm not stopping now. For me, art is all about community, honesty, understanding and respect. It's about uncovering the dark corners of our minds, showing solidarity to the ones who feel alone. I am currently in such a positive place,  don't get me wrong I still have my bad days, but I'm managing them so well and the pride I have for the journey i've been on, hopefully reflects in my work. 

Much love, Euphoric Recall.

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