Outline Ark

I discovered my love for our pride colours a little while after I started drawing back in October 2020. 

Drawing came to as I was going through burnout and depression

(which has probably been here for several years but never handled).

Wearing black outfits quite often, seeing grey streets when walking, I enjoyed being out there, I wanted to spread our colours, our LGBTQAI+ community colours in our streets, thanks to fashion.

Our very own community is composed by SOOO many different smaller communities, that we tend (way too often) to forget and this is a real shame. 

I have never seen such a powerful and strong community. And the more we are, the more we represent, support, welcome, help, listen to, the stronger we will grow.

My strength I found in being a survivor since the age of 8, my turtle, my sexuality, and now myself and what I am (I still have to work on that, but I guess that will come). Now that I am settling down, it is time to send the lift back, and help others.

Thank you very much for reading and for choosing me, and … please, take care everyone :)


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