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Feeling lucky? Have a gamble on purchasing a random original instant photograph from @cloudniko!

**Pictures included in this listing are examples of my instant photos- the image supplied will be picked at random from my collection and will be of varying content. Check out my instagram or my site to get an idea of what you might receive**

I have a bad habit of hoarding my originals, tucked away in photo albums to be seldom enjoyed. It's time to release them to the world- but how do you put a price on a one of a kind, irreplicable moment in time? 

I try to put as much of myself into my photos as I do my paintings. There are few second chances with instant film, so I only close the shutter when I can see something that I believe no one else will. If my paintings are a window to my mind, my instant photos are a cheeky peek through my eyes during a specific chapter in my life.

I remember thinking one day: most of my cameras are so old that I wish they could tell stories. As I stood in the Northern Quarter, taking snaps of the walls that so boldly shout "F*ck Boris!", "Love is Love!" and "You are Enough" (among many other things), I wondered how many other opinions this viewfinder had framed in its almost 50 years of service. How many sets of eyes had it translated to film?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what story is each of these little 4" snippets of my mind trying to tell? How about the double-exposures? 

I think it's time to share those stories.