Shattered Skies- Set 1
Framed metallic prints
Framed Metallic prints
5am Landscapes through Shattered Eyes (pt1)
"Castles in the Sky"

Shattered Skies- Set 1

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"5am Landscapes through Shattered Eyes (pt1)"
"Castles in the Sky"

3 digital photographs, printed on Metallic-effect C-Type paper and framed together in a black wood effect frame. 

Size: Individual photos are 4"x4", frame w/h: 17.5", 8.5"

About the Photos: 

Digital Photograph
Samsung Galaxy S10
Pro Photo Mode + glass prism on lens

(no digital composition edits)


The silver lining to insomnia is being awake when the lighting outside is just right for playing with cameras.

I'm currently fascinated by vibes and atmosphere. Bending the light of the World with my little glass prism and lenses to create a photograph that no one else will ever take is such a special thing to experience.

I don't take the opportunity to leave a creative mark on this timeline for granted.

cloudniko x